Play is an important part of a child's development.

It helps them to develop social, physical and problem solving skills. However, children with disabilities often lack places to play. This is especially true in the Southside of San Antonio; an area declared to be a very low opportunity area for children (according to Furthermore, we are in an area identified by the federal government as economically depressed (Eastside Promise Zone). A community survey estimates that there are more than 1000 children with disabilities in Baptist Temple's immediate vicinity (Highland Park).


Social isolation can be more painful to live with than the physical or development disabilities themselves. Many kids with disabilities spent less than two hours a week with their peers outside of classroom. A study by the Odette School of Business at the University of Windsor, shows that 53% of disabled kids have no friends.

Everyone benefits.

Inclusive playgrounds allow children of different ability levels to play together. They can inspire mutual understanding, friendships, and a real sense of community.
Children who learn to play with children of all ability levels will be more prepared for a diverse work environment.

Inclusive Playground Video